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Create an Interactive, seamless and intuitive experience for your brand and audience with mind-blowing 3D Virtual Tours of your space.

  • Shareable link
  • Embeddable on Website
  • VR Headset optimized
  • No need to install any app or plugin

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3D Virtual Tour for Stile Emporium & Design Studio in Karachi, Pakistan


3D Virtual Tour for Cospace - A co-working space in Karachi, Pakistan.

What you get?



This is where your 3D Virtual Tour starts from. A zoom-out 3D model of your actual store in which the user can move around and learn before entering into any room or area.


Interactive Walk-Throughs

Once the user is inside the tour, they can interact and move around by clicking on the floor or drag the view. User can click on Clicktags to view detail about anything which will be added where needed. Users can also autoplay the tour which will give a walk-through of the space as a video presentation


Floor Plans

The 3D scan tool will create the schematic floor plan on which we can add labels on top to explain the floor plan/area better.


360 Panoramic Views

Get any view from 3D Virtual Tour in panoramas to share it as 360 photos to your Facebook page. Just tell us which view you want from the 3D Virtual Tour.

How we do it?


Location Review

Before we start we will keenly examine your space and develop the entire project plan and share actual estimates.

Scans Photoshoot

In this phase, we will visit the store and do the photoshoot using 360 cameras to create 3D scanned virtual tours.

Scans Editing

360 scans will be uploaded onto the 3D tool where we will create the 3D virtual tour.

Click Tags

We will add click tags on any surface or item present in the store. Click tags can have text, image, video and link to the webpage.


After the approval, we will publish the 3D Virtual Tour and provide a link that can be embedded on the website or share on social media.

Use Cases



Small Tour

  • Up to 1,000 SQFT

Large Tours

  • Up to 3,500 SQFT


Unlimited Panoramic Photos can be provided to share on Facebook of any view (provided separately)

Free 1 year validity of hosting the virtual tour included. Next year PKR 5000 will be charged yearly.

Out of Karachi Travelling Cost is not included

Timelines & Prices will vary depending on the store size and location.


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